Who Are We?

Indie Book Box was founded in 2019 by William F. Aicher, a 20-year e-commerce veteran with a publishing background, an independent author, an active member of the indie publishing community, founder of the industry group Indie Author Coalition, and a self-described bookworm.

We're headquartered just outside of Memphis, Tennessee, and are a family-owned business.

Why Do We Exist?

The democratization of publishing has allowed some truly remarkable stories to be published - stories that otherwise may not have seen the light of day due to perceived "lack of market interest."

But it also allowed authors to gain control over their work to a much larger extent than had ever been possible. Many authors have become entrepreneurs in their own rights, acting as micro-publishers. They write the stories they want to tell, but still understand the importance and value of editing, proofreading, cover design, and layout. But instead of going the traditional route, they've learned to outsource and hire using the gig-economy.

That problem, however is that independent publishing can be a double-edged sword. While it opened up the ability for any writer to publish his story, without going through the traditional publishing channels, it also allowed anything to be published.

This is why we created Indie Book Box.

We know there are some absolutely amazing stories out there being written and published by independent authors. We know this because we've read them. These are remarkable works that are as good or better than any works you'll find in a traditional bookstore. But what's even more exciting is that these stories are often the ones you won't find a bookstore. That's one of the biggest drawbacks indie authors face - how to get their stories into the hands of readers.

So Indie Book Box was born. It was born as a way for people who love amazing writing from fresh voices to get these books - without having to dig through the millions of books published each year to find the hidden gems.

Every book we choose has been vetted for quality, using a combination of reader reviews, industry recommendations, and our own reading. 

And this quality-control goes far beyond just the writing. It includes factors such as typography, layout, cover design, and all the other factors we feel are important in a top-quality book. In fact, we won't even consider a book for inclusion in Indie Book Box if we don't see a physical copy first.

Like we mentioned earlier, Indie Book Box was founded by someone who's both an author AND a book-lover. The books we choose are chosen for other book-lovers.