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  1. Why is there a fee? Simply because it takes months and a team of people to manage the project. 

  2. What does my investment include? We formulate your pitch, search for the right subscription boxes to connect your book to. We pitch on your behalf for three months, do several rounds of follow up, negotiating deals, setting up the book with a new printer, managing that project and fees, promoting the book after it is in the gift box program. We will continue to manage each deal secured during that time frame until the books are out. 

  3. How many subscription box companies will you pitch my book to? We have a growing list, currently at 310 books as of September 2023, and you will be pitched to as many boxes that match your book over the course of three months. 

  4. What is the investment? We have different options and we have 1:1 conversations with each author after we accept their application. 

  5. How do I apply? Please apply at Jane and Carrie only take on clients they believe will get into a subscription box. We’re looking for well-written books, with great covers, that can easily fit into a subscription box theme. 

  6. Are you splitting the royalties with the authors? We have a 50/50 split on your financial gain for book orders 51 books and above. For book orders up to 50 books, we will send the full net financial gain to the author. 

  7. What is your success rate? As of September 2023, we have 53,200 pending sales and 6,800 confirmed sales. 

  8. Who can enroll in your program? Authors who own the rights to their work and have the right to reprint their books are eligible for this program. Please talk to your publisher and if they have questions, please have them email Books are reprinted at reputable printers that traditional publishers use. 

  9. What am I responsible for? When we get a subscription box that is interested in using my book, we will ask you to send them a book.

  10. What happens after you get me a deal? We negotiate on your behalf with the box company for the price they’re paying per unit. We negotiate with our printer overseas on the price per unit and then put in a purchase order. If there is an upfront cost, we secure a sponsor to support the printing fee. We send you a printed spec to approve and then we finalize the order with the printer. We manage the delivery of the order to the subscription box warehouse. We send you a check for your half. And then we promote the subscription box and your book once professional photos are out on all Bedside Reading social media platforms and website.

  11. What happens if you don’t get me a deal? Books we are unable to secure into a subscription box in the time allocated will be given a ¼ ad in the next Bedside Reading magazine.

  12. What happens after three months? We will pitch each client for three months. In that time, we anticipate boxes showing interest in your book. And we'll continue to manage the relationships with the subscription boxes that have shown interest and agreed to place your book in their box until an order has been placed, regardless of the timing. If you'd like us to continue pitching your book after the initial three months, there is an additional fee of $1,000. 

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