Our Mission

Indie Book Box was founded with one simple goal: Put amazing indie books into the hands of readers, while ensuring that indie authors benefit from their hard work.

That's why you'll only find remarkable books in our boxes.

And it's also why, when we work with publishers and authors, we do everything we can to make sure they're making money from the books we feature.

A lot of other subscription boxes buy their books at huge discounts, sometimes well-below cost. Others get them for free and the books are included as promotional tactics to help push awareness (marketing).

We don't do those things.

This may mean Indie Book Box costs a little more. And it may mean we make less money per box sold than many other book subscription boxes. But we're okay with that.

All we want is for readers to experience these amazing books. The books that don't have a huge marketing machine behind them, but are no less remarkable than those that do.

And we want to make sure the authors are rewarded.

And yes, we want to make a few dollars along the way.

But above all, we want to connect readers and writers through the magic of story.